Bodhi, the File Drawer, and a Senior Moment?

Earlier today, as I sat working at the computer, Bodhi began sniffing and licking the top of the lower drawer of my wooden file cabinet. Well, I thought, this is what happens when you take one day off from seriously exercising the dogs, and went back to work. Then an hour ago, he started again. Intense sniffing. Licking. He obviously had a burning urge to audit my tax receipts, right? Well, not exactly.

I opened the drawer, and pushed some of the files to one side. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There, in the bottom of the drawer, was…drumroll…a bunch of kibble! Yes, dog kibble—in the bottom of my file drawer! I had one of those “huh?” moments where the world slips sideways and things seem surreal. It made no sense whatsoever. Could Bodhi have somehow carried his rolling treat ball into the room and emptied most of it into the drawer? And if so, why? Or worse, had I somehow poured kibble into the file drawer, and if so, could someone please book me into the nearest CRS (Can’t Remember S#%*) care facility?

Then it dawned on me. Mice! We’d had a problem with mice earlier in the year, but had thought our troubles were over. I guess that was overly optimistic. I suddenly remembered finding, a few weeks ago, that the bottom of a bag of expensive organic kibble had been chewed open. I’d immediately switched to keeping the kibble in one of those spinny-top sealed plastic containers, but I guess those industrious mice had started an well-organized hoarding surge before I realized it. Unbelievable! So we’re back to square one with the mouse problem, but I have to give Bodhi props. For all of his destruction, he’s earned a point for discovering our latest mouse problem. Go, Bodhi!


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